As a parent, you're likely to be concerned about sexual predators who could potentially gain access to your child. But what if you suspected a child molester were living under the same roof as your child or grandchild? Dr. Phil tackles the stories of two concerned moms.


Living with an Abuser?

Donna became suspicious when her daughter, Dianna, started living with Scott, a registered sex offender. Donna claims her 3-year-old grandson started having nightmares, screaming out, "Stop, Scott!" so she called Child Protective Services. Dianna says her mom is lying and that her mother just wants Scott out of the picture.


Are Donna's concerns justified?


Too Good to Be True?

Dr. Phil installs a home camera to see what life is like for Scott, Dianna and, most importantly, Dominic. Living with a 3-year old has its challenges, but what the tapes reveal is better than an Ozzy and Harriet episode. Is the video real, or a work of fiction?


"Wave to the camera. Say, 'Hi, Julie. Hi, Dr. Phil!'"



A Mother's Impossible Choice

Maryl's 13-year-old daughter accused her stepfather of sexually abusing her. Maryl chose to believe her husband, called her daughter a pathological liar and sent her to live in foster care. Now, she wonders if she has made the biggest mistake of her life.


Decide for yourself: Who's lying?