January 1 has come and gone ... but Dr. Phil wants to make sure your New Year's resolution is here to stay. No matter how many times your willpower has failed, success is possible. Whether you want to lose weight, quit smoking, or get your finances in order, Dr. Phil has advice for making your resolutions a reality.

For 10 years, Tammy has been so unsuccessful at keeping her New Year's resolution to get in shape that she's got cobwebs on her gym equipment. She's bought about 30 exercise videos " but she's never watched any of them!


For 18 years, Debbie has huffed and puffed at her resolution to quit smoking, but the butts always get the better of her. "I can cure smoking 100 percent of the time if I can control one thing: your environment," says Dr. Phil.



For 14 years, Karen has resolved to lose weight " but she's never made it a reality. "I want to be able to look in the mirror, and be happy with who I am," says Karen, whose husband recently called her "Shamu."



"I start everything and never finish anything," says Wendy. From completing household projects to getting her college degree, making her divorce final, or even reading Self Matters, Wendy can't seem to follow through.



Meikka is a financial specialist, but managing her own money is anything but a breeze. Even when facing foreclosure, Meikka, who says she's addicted to discount stores, couldn't keep her resolution to get her finances in order.




See if Tammy and Karen reached their goals.