Nothing is off limits as Dr. Phil answers viewers' most troubling questions.


A Secret Life?

Angel says she and her husband, Don, seem like the all-American family, but despite her soccer mom demeanor, she's hiding a deadly secret: she's addicted to pain pills. Angel admits to being high while driving with her kids, and she says she even gambles her husband's paycheck away.


Can Angel get her life back on track, and will Don be able to trust his wife again? 



Policing Her Parent?

Jocelyn, 17, says she has to care for her two younger siblings while her mother, Lori, parties all night with 20-somethings. Lori denies that Jocelyn is forced to police her, yet she admits using the teen as a babysitter while she drinks at bars.


Does Lori need to get real about her behavior?



Cyber Crime

Kelly's online mistake nearly cost her life. She never thought she'd survive being drugged and held hostage for 14 days by a man she met in on the Net. 


Find out how to keep your kids safe in cyberspace. 



Narcissistic Teen?

Kelley says her 17-year-old son, Travis, believes he's God's gift to women, and she fears he'll grow up to be a womanizer. Travis says he's good-looking and proud of it.


Can Dr. Phil give the teen Romeo a wake-up call?