"This country is severely overweight, and if you don't do something about it, your own children won't live as long as you," Dr. Phil says. He launches his biggest weight loss project to date: The Ultimate Weight Loss Solution. Meet the participants Dr. Phil has chosen so far!



Meet the Final Team!



These sisters-in-law say they are done with teasing each other about their weight and are ready to get real. Dr. Phil surprises them in his audience with an announcement that they're the sixth team in his competition.


"We believe in each other. That's why we're here."

A Cross-Country Challenge

Dr. Phil reveals the details of the competition and introduces the trainers who are going to whip them into shape. 


Head trainer Robert Reames asks for commitment.

A Head Start

Famous daughter and TV personality Katie Wagner has been working hard with Robert Reames using Dr. Phil's 7 Keys to Weight Loss Freedom. She's going to help the competitors along the way.

Down 30 pounds and 31 inches!

And They're Off!

Dr. Phil spells out the first challenge, which starts immediately. See the participants take their first step toward a new lifestyle during a scavenger hunt in the heart of Hollywood.  


Who will gather the clues and finish first?