Tammy and Paul were husband and wife for eight years before their marriage ended. After nine months of being apart, the couple secretly remarried, unbeknownst to their families who endured the drama of the first marriage and would clearly not approve. Now, just weeks after saying "I do" for the second time, the two are having doubts of their own.


Second Time Around

Tammy says that trusting Paul has become a dividing issue, and raises questions as to whether the couple rushed too quickly into marriage number two.


 Can this marriage be saved?


Sticky Notes

To raise their standards, Paul leaves sticky notes all over the house to remind Tammy of everyday chores and tasks. Tammy says she finds his notes demeaning.  


 Paul's notes remind Tammy to close the door behind her.

Sex, Lies and Spyware

When Tammy installed spyware on Paul's computer, she learned that he'd been surfing Internet dating sites, and that he e-mailed a woman the morning of their second wedding.


 Is Tammy wrong for tracking Paul's online history?


"Once You're Out, Stay Out"

Tammy's sister, Cindy, who recently learned of the marriage, says the couple should not have remarried because Paul has been the source of many incidents in the past that Cindy calls "scary."


 Paul allegedly became violent with Tammy and her son, Blake.


The Deal-Breaker

Cindy worries that Paul will harm, or even murder, Tammy and Blake. Dr. Phil gives Tammy some stern advice about what she needs to do.


Dr. Phil gives Tammy and Paul the final word on whether to make it or break it.

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