This two-syllable expression is arguably the most divisive word in society. Dr. Phil tackles this touchy topic with help from a panel of outspoken luminaries: civil rights activist Rev. Al Sharpton; legendary comedian and writer Paul Mooney; CSI :New York actor and author Hill Harper; comedian Sheryl Underwood and conservative radio talk show host Michael Graham. 





Word on the Street 

Some say the N-word is a term of endearment, while others believe nothing can improve an epithet historically used to oppress African-Americans. Dr. Phil cameras catch candid community opinions.


"Slavery is over. Just get over it!"



Not Always Black-and-White?

Dr. Phil and his panel of experts discuss everything from Jesse Jackson's recent on-air gaffe to double standards in the black community. The debate heats up when Rachel, a white guest, says she freely utters this incendiary term.


"You, as a white woman, are a minority."



Broadcasting Bigotry?

Becky says that she clutches her purse when some African-Americans walk by, because the blacks in her town are "gangsta." She also feels that blacks cry racism too often and believes Black Entertainment Television promotes separatism. Hill Harper critiques her logic.


"I think that some people, specifically black people, exploit the N-word."