Are you prepared for the unexpected? Life is not a success-only journey, and at

some point, you may be faced with difficult days that leave you feeling inadequate and out of control. But, you don't have to become a victim. In his new book, Real Life: Preparing for the 7 Most Challenging Days of Your Life, Dr. Phil teaches you how to prepare for a crisis before it arrives " like the day your heart is shattered by divorce or by the death of a loved one " and how to get back to better days.


Blindsided and Devastated

Amber says she was living the perfect life. She and her two sisters imagined marrying a man like their dad and having a great relationship like their parents'. She says their dreams were shattered on Father's Day, when they found out their dad was planning to divorce their mother.


"We just don't know where to go from here."



Moving Past the Pain

Tammy and her daughter, Brooke, 16, have suffered through a similar situation as Carol and her daughters. Tammy says that since her husband left their four-year marriage, she can't eat or sleep. She says she never saw it coming.


Dr. Phil's plan for dealing with the heartbreak of divorce.



Surviving the Loss of a Loved One

Sylvia is a mother to 4-year-old twins and is seven months pregnant. She was married to a Marine Sergeant for seven years who tragically lost his life " not on the battlefield " in a car accident when he returned home. Now, each day is a battle for Sylvia.


"The number one thing you've got to do is give yourself time."


See the surprise for Sylvia " one you may have contributed to!


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