Twelve individuals compete to drop pounds and inches while traveling across the country. Dr. Phil reviews Key #2 of his 7 Keys to Weight Loss Freedom: Healing Feelings. Can the competitors control their emotional eating habits and learn to find comfort without food?  


Total Body Beach Workout

The six teams settle into the Dr. Phil House and learn about their new personalized meal plans. Dr. Phil surprises the competitors with some helpful tools, and then it's off to the beach in Malibu, CA to meet their trainers for a total body workout.


 "My body moved today, and it felt great."


Closure Issues

Do you eat when you're sad, happy or lonely? Dr. Phil explains how important it is to deal with your emotional pain, instead of comforting yourself with food. Richard opens up about the loss of two loved ones for whom he hasn't properly grieved.


"It's OK to cry for these people, but you do have to let them go." 


Time Bomb Ticking

Married for five years, Phil and Tiffany are motivated to lose weight for their two young daughters. See what they've been doing to sabotage each other.


"It's a defense mechanism." 


"Just Not Enough"

Joe shares the reasons why he feels low self-confidence in all areas of his life. Dr. Phil calls out Joe's twin sister, Lauren, for her response to his vulnerability.


"Shame on you. That's not helpful."