Whether it's the fear of spiders or the fear of dying, fears and phobias can steal your peace of mind and even dominate your life. Do you suffer from one of the top 10 adult fears? Social situations, spiders, snakes, heights, public places, storms, water, flying, closed spaces and the sight of blood/injections are what scare people the most.


Dr. Phil speaks with a guest who suffers from more than 30 fears, including driving, flying, being alone and taking medication. She has a huge hill to climb to even get to the show.


A World of Fear

Kathleen has built her entire world around her fears. She's completely dependent on her family and is never alone for a minute. Kathleen doesn't want to be held prisoner anymore, but will she be able to face her phobias to get to Los Angeles to see Dr. Phil?


"I'm thinking I'm going to pass out. My chest is hurting. My pulse is going really fast." 



The "What If?" Game

Dr. Phil walks Kathleen through her fear of being on the show so she can shine light on the worst-case scenario and see that it isn't as bad as she imagines.  


 "Monsters live in the dark."



Family Impact

Kathleen's two teenagers dropped out of school to take care of her, and her 9-year-old is absent so often, she may follow in their footsteps. Kathleen's husband of 10 years, Brent, spends a lot of time at work. Is he avoiding the stressful home environment?  


Is Kathleen getting a payoff for her fears? 



Help on the Way

Kathleen's friend Lisa has been a pillar of support for years, but has since taken a step back for her own family's sake. Dr. Phil tells Kathleen that resources are available, but will she be able to face her fears to get peace of mind?


"I'm proud of you."