As a parent, you are bombarded with dangers your kids can fall prey to like molesters, cyber-stalkers, drugs and bullies. But how far should you go to ensure your child's protection? Where do you draw the line between hovering over your children, and giving them enough freedom to learn independence? Dr. Phil drills down on this hot topic with moms on both sides of the issue.


America's Worst Mom?

Lenore says kids need more freedom so they can learn to survive in the world. To prove her point, she left her 9-year-old son, Izzy, in a department store in New York City with $20, a map and a subway card. Was he able to find his way home safely?


"If you never let them do it, they're going to be blithering idiots."



Beware of Mom

Maria admits she's constantly hovering over her three children, especially her 17-year-old daughter Madeline. She admits to calling Madeline's cell phone multiple times a day and following her to her friends' houses, the mall and even cheerleading practice.


Could Maria's hovering ruin her relationship with Madeline?



More Moms Weigh In

Daphne is a comedienne, a TV show host and featured on the blog of the Web site She says helicopter moms need to lighten up and let go. And, Sarah admits her two sons are almost never allowed to be more than a few feet from her.


"You are sealing your fate."



Unhealthy to Hover?

Dr. Jim Sears, pediatrician and co-host of the new show, The Doctors, joins the discussion. What does he say is the biggest health risk for a hovering parent?


Dr. Sears' stern warning for Maria and all hovering moms.



Still Hovering?

When Teresa and her daughter, Ashlee, first appeared on Dr. Phil, Ashlee complained that her mom was too overprotective. Now, five years later, Teresa worries her that her parenting style has backfired, because she says Ashlee is a rebellious and rotten teen.


Does Teresa have valid concerns for keeping Ashlee on a short leash?


See Teresa and Ashlee's first appearance.


Did Teresa change her behavior?


Dr. Phil checks back in with Teresa and Ashlee.