Twelve people work to drop pounds and inches while traveling across the country. Dr. Phil reviews Key #6: Intentional Exercise, which sends the participants to Dallas, Texas, for two grueling physical challenges.



"Twelve people have been on an emotional rollercoaster when it comes to their weight. Some of them, like you, have been battling obesity since childhood, and for some, eating is the only way they can handle life's problems. They have one thing in common: They are all ready to make a change. You at home can make that same commitment starting now. Over the next few weeks you're going to see amazing transformations from these 12 people, who have collectively lost a total of over 600 pounds by embracing The 7 Keys to Weight Loss Freedom. I want you to make a transformation as well," Dr. Phil says.


Breaking a Sweat

At the home of the Dallas Cowboys football team, Texas Stadium, the participants take on an obstacle course challenge. See who does a victory dance in the end zone. Plus. Dr. Phil checks in with the challengers, reminding them that an elimination is looming.


"I might not win a competition, but I win every time I cross a finish line." 



The First Week Weigh-In

The participants have been working hard on their new lifestyles, but will it show on the scale?


The participants don't get to see the numbers, but you do! 



Who Goes Home?

Later that night at dinner, tempers flare and fingers point when it comes to the question of who will be eliminated. Toria makes a tearful plea to the group.


"Tell me how to do this." 



Facing Elimination

The participants head to a farm for a challenge to test their strength and speed. The winners will have immunity from elimination. Who gets voted to go home? Plus, a medical emergency stops everything.


And, Katie Wagner delivers a surprise from Dr. Phil.