Are you fighting to maintain a happy marriage and family, but find your life crumbling down around you? When do you give up, let go and move on? Dr. Phil speaks with a couple on the brink of divorce. Is there any hope to save their failing marriage?


Their Last Hope

Angelo was served with divorce papers two weeks ago, but can't bring himself to read them. He says the papers were his wake-up call and wants to save his marriage of 12 years. His wife, Kathy, says she's heard it all before. The couple has three children, and Kathy is pregnant with baby number four.


"When I felt that he was lying to me, I would go by her house. Nine times out of 10, he was there." 



Bringing Babies into Turmoil

After catching Angelo cheating, Kathy has not only stayed, she's gotten pregnant ... twice. Dr. Phil questions the couple about expanding their family during turbulent times. Plus, is Angelo trying to get the other woman pregnant?


"It's kind of like every time he does bad, you get pregnant." 



Caught in the Middle

Angelo admits he's been going back and forth between his mistress and his wife, and their children are caught in the middle. Kathy worries about their two little girls, as they have witnessed her confronting their father about his affairs.


Dr. Phil gives them his opinion on the future of their marriage. Will Kathy continue with the divorce proceedings?