More than one third of adults admit they spend more than they can afford, and it's been estimated that 70 percent of Americans are living paycheck to paycheck. Are you one of them? If shopping and spending have taken over your pocketbook, it's time to make a change! Find out if you are a financial trainwreck and test your financial IQ, and learn what you can do to get your finances back on track.


Credit Card Wake-up Call

Tantani says she works hard and rewards herself by shopping and buying nice things. She says she often pays for items using her credit cards and has accrued nearly $25,000 in debt.


Find out how much you actually pay for a $100 item after factoring in credit card interest.


Compulsive Spenders

Heidi says she gets a high from shopping, and despite filing for bankruptcy twice, she admits she's skipped paying utility bills to buy name-brand items. Her husband, Steve, loves to spend money on gadgets and tools. The couple has no retirement savings and no college fund for their son.


Is it too late for Heidi and Steve to fix their finances?



Reality Sets In

Money expert Loral Langemeier pays Steve and Heidi a visit to tally their spending and get to the bottom of their financial mess.


Loral teaches Steve and Heidi how to create a pre-spending plan.


Making Progress?

When Brandy and Greg first appeared on the show, they were almost one million dollars in debt. Loral Langemeier has been working with the couple to get them back on track financially.


Have things changed for Brandy and Greg?

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