From curfews to sex, Dr. Phil answers parents' questions.


Overprotective Mom
Sandra made her 13-year-old daughter, Katie, sign a contract agreeing not to kiss, date or have sex with boys " in exchange for money. Now she wonders if she's being too overprotective.


The Curfew Question
Cynthia says she is tired of worrying and waiting up for her 17-year-old son, who has a midnight curfew. "I just want to know if this is reasonable and how to enforce this," says Cynthia.



What You Don't Know
Ever wonder where teens go and what they do after hours? Dr. Phil sent his son, Jay, out to Dallas, Texas to find out what kids are really doing when they stay out past their curfew.



Coming Out
Lindsay's mom says she is "ashamed and embarrassed" about her 15-year-old daughter's revelation that she is a lesbian. She asks Dr. Phil how she can stop withdrawing from Lindsay.



Gangster or Fashion Plate?
Cynthia and 17-year-old son, Chris, argue about the way he dresses and the music he listens to. Cynthia thinks her son looks like he's in a gang, while Chris says his mom just needs to get used to his style.



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