Schoolyard bullying is far more serious than just name-calling and teasing. It's escalated to include harassment, beatings and even death threats.
What motivates children to bully? How can the victims of bullying fight back? What can students, parents and teachers do to eliminate bullies in their schools? Dr. Phil offers insight and advice, including how to launch an anti-bullying campaign in your school.

Jay's Anti-Bullying Message
Dr. Phil sent Jay to the Barbara Bush Middle School in Irving, Texas to talk to students, teachers and parents about what they can do to stop bullying in their school.


View Jay's visit and Dr. Phil's plan to stamp out bullying.

Anti-Bullying Pledges Dr. Phil encourages parents, students and teachers to launch anti-bullying campaigns in schools across the country, much like the one launched at the Barbara Bush Middle School.
Click on the links below to review the three different pledges, then print them out, make copies, distribute, and honor the pledge!
Anti-Bullying Pledge for Students

Anti-Bullying Pledge for Parents

Anti-Bullying Pledge for Teachers and Faculty
Anti-Bullying Pledges: Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual and Transgender persons
Gay and lesbian youth, even those who aren't gay, but are perceived as such, face unspeakable harassment and abuse in schools. PFLAG "Parents, Families and Friends of Lesbians and Gays " reports that the average high school student hears 25 anti-gay slurs daily and that 97 percent of high school students regularly hear homophobic remarks. To address this issue, PFLAG provided three anti-bullying pledges that specifically target harassment against gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender students.
GLBT Anti-Bullying Pledge for Students

GLBT Anti-Bullying Pledge for Parents

GLBT Anti-Bullying Pledge for Teachers and Faculty


A Bully
Nineteen-year-old Tiffany is a self-professed bully who says it's fun to pick on weaker kids. She not only bullies kids at school, she also bullies her boyfriend and her mom " physically attacking them both.



A Victim
Cathy's son, Brandon, was the target of constant bullying. He tried but could not find a way to escape the daily harassment and brutal beatings. Brandon eventually lost hope and committed suicide.



View their stories and Dr. Phil's reaction.
Update: See how Tiffany is doing today.

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