When a baby is born, the biological father is legally bound to provide financial support for the child. But what if a man discovers he's responsible for a child he didn't know existed or didn't plan on having? Should he be forced to pay child support? Dr. Phil's guests engage in a heated debate about the rights of men and women when a child is conceived out of wedlock.


Fighting Off Fatherhood

When Matt first appeared on the show two years ago, he was fighting for his rights not to be a father in a case dubbed "Roe v. Wade for Men." The case was thrown out of court two times, and now his mom, Diane, says Matt is destroyed financially and emotionally. Joining Matt and his mom is men's rights advocate Mel Feit and women's rights attorney Gloria Allred.


"I think he's been set up as a scapegoat."



A Perfect World Shattered

Nicol says she and her husband, Noel, created an ideal family life with a happy marriage and two children. Years into their marriage, Nicol's world began to crumble when Noel's ex-girlfriend called and demanded he get a paternity test for a baby he didn't know existed.  


Find out how the test results have changed Noel and Nicol's lives.



Does Sperm Donation Make You a Father?

Should a man who donated his sperm to a woman be forced to pay child support? Attorney John Purcell represented a man in a case that changed the law in Pennsylvania.


"Know your partner before you get into bed with them."



Successful Reunion

When television and radio personality Jay Thomas was a struggling actor, he and his girlfriend placed a baby for adoption. Eighteen years later, Jay received a phone call from the son he never knew.


Jay and his son share their story.


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