Ladies: What would you do if you had to start over in the dating game in your 40s, 50s or even 60s? Dr. Phil's guests say there is a double standard that middle-aged men can woo women young enough to be their daughters, yet it's considered inappropriate for middle-aged women to date much younger men.


Women Weigh In

Dr. Phil polls his studio audience to get their thoughts on the dating disparity. Their answers might surprise you.


"I want to be able to go out with younger men." 



Intercontinental Cougar?

Caroline is a 58-year-old grandmother who has been married three times and is still looking for her Prince Charming. She admits to kissing a lot of frogs in her travels across the pond and throughout the states.


"If a woman dates a younger man, she's a cougar."



A Daughter's Fears

Caroline's daughter, Anara, says the problem is not her mother's age, but that her mom doesn't act her age. She worries that Caroline's international intrigues may put her in harm's way.


Is Caroline just a free spirit, or is she clueless when it comes to courtship?



Too Old for Amore?

Anna is only 30, but she says some men already think she's too old to date! She says men her age only want "22-year-old bimbos" and are turned off by her success and independence.


What does Dr. Phil think?



Meeting Your Match

Dr. Phil talks to Patti Stanger, CEO of The Millionaire's Club, an exclusive dating service that caters to wealthy men and women, and star of the Bravo TV reality series Millionaire Matchmaker.


Patti explains how to "qualify your buyer."

Extra Content

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Patti Stanger is the founder and CEO of The Millionaire's Club, an international matchmaking service. For more information, click here.