Series Premiere


In a groundbreaking new series, Dr. Phil counsels 14 strangers in an intense three-day retreat where they face their problems in an effort to turn their lives around.


"Tell yourself the truth," Dr. Phil says. "We put our cars in the shop more than we put ourselves in the shop. How many times in your life have you called a timeout and said, ‘You know what? I'm taking some time for me. I don't want to let days turn into weeks, and weeks turn into months, and months turn into years, and I keep looking in the mirror, and I keep getting older, and older, and sadder and lonelier. I don't want to do that the rest of my life'?" 


Get to know these guests.


 Dr. Phil sets the rules.


Angie and Ron struggle with Ron's alcoholism while trying to parent their 2-year-old daughter. 


"Is that what you want your daughter growing up to be?" 



Paige is in love with a married man and has been waiting two years for him to divorce his wife. 


 "For two years. Are you a slow learner?"



Kathleen hates and fears all African-Amercian men because of something horrific that happened to her over 20 years ago.


Dr. Phil encourages her to confront her fear. 



Wade calls his childhood a "horror story," having been abused by mutiple people. He says it eventually caused the failure of his marriage.


He has a lot in common with Kathleen.



Kicked Out

After a break, Dr. Phil asks his guests to share, but no one speaks. Frustrated, Dr. Phil kicks everyone out of his studio. 


See Part 2 of this retreat! 

Extra Content

At the end of day one of the retreat, Dr. Phil assigns some homework. Try working on these items yourself and see what you discover about your life:

  • Write down 20 things you've started but not finished
  • Write five pages on the loneliness in your life
  • Write five pages on the current deadness in your life
  • Write five pages on how you get in your own way in life