A 13-year-old's powerful and disturbing diary entries have Dr. Phil very concerned. Trisha says her daughter's pain stems from her father's discipline. How do you know if your discipline crosses the line into abuse?


The Hammer

Trisha fears her husband, Rafael, is destroying their 13-year-old daughter with punishments that are too severe. Rafael says his wife forces him to be "the hammer" because she's too lenient.


Where did Rafael learn his parenting tactics? 



"I Am That Girl"

Trisha and Rafael's daughter describes in her own words how her father makes her feel. Plus, learn what this family has swept under the rug that needs to be dealt with.


Dr. Phil reads their daughter's heartbreaking diary entries. 



Heart to Heart

Dr. Phil sits down face to face with Trisha and Rafael's 13-year-old daughter. What does she wish from her father? And, Dr. Phil broaches the subject of her assault. 


"That was not your fault." 



Discipline vs. Punishment

Eileen is an adult survivor of child abuse and speaks to Trisha and Rafael about how she was singled out by her father as well. Plus, the director of the ChildHelp National Child Abuse Hotline offers discipline guidelines and explains when it crosses the line into abuse.


Will Rafael agree to make changes in his parenting style? 

Extra Content

  • ChildHelp National Child Abuse Hotline
    (800)  4-A-CHILD or (800) 422-4453(800) 422-4453 FREE
  • Set Free from My Past: A Healing Journey from Abuse
    by Eileen Alvarado