While battling cancer, Paula learned her 21-year-old daughter, C.J., had been turning to drugs, and that her husband had an affair. Can this family come together to save C.J.?



A Day in Her Life

A recovering addict and former Dr. Phil guest follows C.J. and records her daily struggle with drug addiction.  


"C.J.'s life is constantly searching for the next pill." 



A Family Torn Apart

Dr. Phil meets with C.J.'s parents, Paula and Jim, and brother, Anthony, to find out how C.J.'s addiction began. With a cancer diagnosis and a secret that nearly shattered the family, Dr. Phil wants them to put aside any feelings of guilt and blame, and focus on what must happen to save C.J. Plus, Dr. Phil informs them of what she's really ingesting.


"This runs wider, it runs deeper and it runs more dangerous than what you guys are aware of."



Saving C.J.

Dr. Phil drills down on C.J.'s dangerous activities and directs her to face her loved ones. Can they convince her to take a step toward a healthier future?


Dr. Phil leads a heart-wrenching family meeting. 



Steps Away from Prostitution?

C.J. says she prefers prescription drugs to street drugs because at least she knows what she's getting, but where and how does she get these pills? And, a warning for all parents from a couple who didn't see any signs of abuse before tragedy struck.


Plus, former heroin addict, Tecoa, returns with words of encouragement for C.J.