Part 2


Dr. Phil continues his intense three-day retreat with 14 people who say they're ready to change their lives. Struggling with issues such as addiction, anger, abuse and grief, guests confront their personal demons once and for all. 


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"When times are tough " like they are now " we tend to lose sight of ourselves," Dr. Phil says. "So why not do something about it? Why not change your life for the better starting right now. I want you to say, 'This hour is for me,' because if you take this journey with me and these 14 amazing human beings, it will make you stronger, see things with more clarity and will create peace in your life."


Get to know these guests. 


Kaylee is guilt-ridden because she abused her three now-grown children throughout their childhood. 


"What did you do to those children?"



Melissa struggles to deal with her family's past. Her father was not the man she thought he was.  


A horrific family legacy. 



Kelly can't get over feeling angry after her father's suicide six years ago. 


"It absolutely consumes my life." 



Jessica R. has struggled with her weight her entire life and is tired of her self-hatred. 


"I always ask myself, ‘Why don't you just die?'" 



Diona lost almost 100 pounds but still feels miserable about her body. 


Uncomfortable in her own skin. 



Carina struggles with extreme anger and takes it out on the people she loves. 


 "It all comes out in violence."



Jessica F. has to control everything and everyone around her. 


"I'll do everything I need to, to get my way." 



Nicole is obsessed with perfection and terrified of relationships.  


"You've never even kissed a boy, have you?"



Don is recovering from 25 years of drug addiction and feels guilty and depressed over his past.  


 Struggling to get back on track.

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Extra Content

At the end of day two of the retreat, the participants are given these assignments:

  • List 20 times when you asked for or needed love and were denied
  • List 20 times someone asked for or needed your love and you denied them
  • Write a 65-item "bitch list"