Safe haven laws were created to keep unwanted newborn babies from harm's way. But with the recent spate of parents dropping off teenagers, age restrictions of up to 3 days old are being applied to the laws. Is the age limit warranted? Then, hear the amazing stories of abandoned children, and meet a mom who is considering giving up her daughters. 


Loophole in the Law

Courtney made headlines when she tried to leave her 15-year-old daughter at a hospital in Nebraska. The mother says she used a loophole in the state's safe haven law to get her daugher the treatment she otherwise would not have received.


"I tried everything to get my daughter help."




Left at an airport at just 10 days old, Elizabeth was given the nickname "Delta Dawn" by the pilots who found her. And, Michael, who was left in a trash can by his birth mother, was saved by a night watchman.


"If your own family can't accept you, who would?"



In the Child's Best Interest?

Twenty-year-old Melissa is contemplating giving up her 1-year-old and 3-year-old girls -- not because she doesn't love them, but because she says she has nothing to offer them.


Will a heart-to-heart with Dr. Phil change her mind?



A Young Mother Panics

At 16 years old, Maria hid her pregnancy from her family, gave birth on her bathroom floor and then, did the unthinkable.  


"It's clear, teenage girls are children themselves."

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  • If you or someone you love is hiding a pregnancy or has questions regarding pregnancy, call Project Cuddle at 88-TO-CUDDLE (888-628-3353888-628-3353).

  • If you are a parent or teen in crisis, please call the Boys Town National Hotline at 800.448.3000800.448.3000.  Trained counselors are ready to speak with you 24/7. Help is just a phone call away.