How well do you know your teenager? Could your child be participating in risky or illegal activities right under your own roof?


Harmless Herb or Hallucinogen?

Rebecca says her 16-year-old son, Jerry, smokes salvia, and that he's withdrawn and failing school. Jerry wonders why his salvia use is a big deal to his mother, because he says she not only allows him to smoke in the house, but she uses salvia too!


Dr. Travis Stork gives some sobering statistics on teen salvia usage. 



Not Just a Day at the Park

The "choking game" made headlines when it was reported that teens were dying or becoming seriously injured by strangling each other until passing out. Britt fears that her son, Kevin, may be starting a new version of this trend.


"I just don't think it's that big of a deal."



Risqué Messages?

Sex texting is a new trend where teens send explicit photos of themselves via their cell phones. One mom says she caught her 12-year-old daughter forwarding nude photos of herself to boys and wonders what punishment she should impose.


Find out what to do if you suspect your teen is involved in risky behavior.


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