Part 4


Dr. Phil continues his intense retreat with 14 people who say they're ready to change their lives. Struggling with issues such as addiction, anger, abuse and grief, guests confront their personal demons once and for all.

Catch up on what you missed in Part 3.



"I believe that every one of us has a personal truth; something we believe about ourselves," Dr. Phil says. "We all live to our personal truth. You will generate the results in your life that you believe you deserve. If your personal truth is damaged, you've got to change it. Let me tell you, your history is nothing to be ashamed of; it is just something to walk out of. You make a choice. This is the place to make that choice."


Get to know these guests.


Feeling Unworthy

Jessica R. thinks her problems are trivial compared to the rest of the group. Dr. Phil plays a shocking home video that shows otherwise.  


"You turned your back on her."



Parental Legacy

Dr. Phil walks the group through an exercise that examines their feelings about their parents.  


Will they free themselves from their resentments, fears and regrets? 



A Child in Charge

Kathleen shares painful stories from her childhood that imprison her with feelings of pain and guilt. 


"I didn't shoot him, but I'm just as guilty."



Finding Balance

Angie struggles with taking care of herself and being there for her family.


"It isn't selfish to preserve the gift that is you." 



Waiting for an Apology

Carina struggles to find forgiveness for her stepfather and is still waiting for him to reach out to her. 


"Sometimes we have to give ourselves what we wish we could get from somebody else."



Personal Truth

Dr. Phil explains that because of what the guests believe about themselves, they are living the lives they believe they deserve.  


Plus, some personal revelations are shared at the Dr. Phil House. 


See an update with Wade, Paige and Kathleen!


Extra Content

To get real in your own life, complete the same assignments Dr. Phil gives his guests in this retreat:

  • Write down 20 things you've started, but not finished
  • Write five pages on the loneliness in your life
  • Write five pages on the current deadness in your life
  • Write five pages on how you get in your own way in life
  • List 20 times when you asked for or needed love and were denied
  • List 20 times someone asked for or needed your love and you denied them
  • Write a 65-item "bitch list"