As the nation suffers through an economic meltdown, many Americans resort to drastic measures to keep their families afloat. Just how far would you go to stay in the black?


A Life of Crime?

Laura and her husband, Allen, say they've made nearly $1 million in the last six years. There's just one problem â€"- they don't have jobs! Self-proclaimed professional shoplifters, the couple says they travel across state lines to steal, and they often take their three young children along.


Do Laura and Allen just get a thrill from thievery, or are they kleptomaniacs? 



Addicted Dad?

Tami and Chris have a beautiful house, three cars and two children. But Tami says her husband is shattering their idyllic home life with his shoplifting addiction. He's been arrested four times and was recently sentenced to 90 days in state prison.


Find out why Chris says he can't stop stealing.