It's a hot-button topic in California and around the country: The passage of Proposition 8, which reinstated a ban on same-sex marriage. Supporters of this initiative voted to preserve the sanctity of marriage solely between a man and a woman. Opponents of Prop 8 say it violates the constitutional rights of the gay community and that America's laws should treat everyone equally. Since Election Day, numerous protests and rallies have been organized to overturn the law, and the debates are getting heated regarding this highly personal and controversial topic.


Is same-sex marriage right or wrong? Is it a corruption of morality and the definition of marriage, or is it a sacred union between two people, same as a man and a woman? Is banning same-sex marriage a form of discrimination against a minority group's equal rights? What are the values driving this debate? Is it about democracy, civil rights, religion? Is there a blurring of church and state?



Dr. Phil is joined by some key players at the heart of each side of this controversial and emotionally-charged issue.


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Misleading Ads and Donation Backlash?

Proposition 8 was the most expensive social issues campaign in U.S. history, totaling $74 million. Both sides of the campaign claim the opponent's ads were misleading and went too far. Plus, is there a blurring of church and state?


"First they call you haters and bigots if you disagree with them on marriage, now they call you liars."



What Makes a Marriage?

What would you do if you married the love of your life and suddenly you were told your marriage wasn't legal? How does gay marriage affect the sanctity of traditional marriage? 


"They're trying to undo our 'I do.'"