"None of us are immune to certain life challenges, changing life moments, days we just can't avoid. It's doesn't matter how smart you are, how well you live, how much money you have, there are certain things in this life that we just can't avoid, so we have to prepare for them," Dr. Phil says. Are you prepared to handle a crisis?


Permanently Sidelined

Spencer was a high school football player who dreamed of playing college ball when an ordinary tackle on the field became his worst nightmare. Now Spencer struggles to deal with his life-changing injury and the end of his dream.


"I feel like I let my team down." 



A Second Chance

Darren was a professional cameraman filming the Beijing Olympics when a side trip on his day off turned deadly. While visiting the Great Wall of China, Darren was struck by lightning.


 Darren struggles to find meaning in his survival.



Waiting for Rescue

Dom is a professional adventurist who set sail across the Atlantic in an experimental kite boat. When a powerful storm capsized his boat, Dom recorded his ordeal with a waterproof video camera.


 "If I make it through this, things are going to be different."