Anger is a toxic emotion in many marriages. It can tear away the very core of what made you fall in love with your spouse. From the outside, Jake and Donna appear to be a perfect couple, but behind closed doors, their knock-down, drag-out fights are driving them to the brink of divorce. Can they end their power struggle in time to save their marriage?


Anger Management

Donna says Jake's abusive temper has crippled their 20-year marriage. One argument escalated into a wild, gun-waving confrontation.


"If I'm going to jail, I'm going to make you earn it."



Love is a Battlefield 

The couple admits they've been fighting for the last five years over who is in control. And, Jake wonders if Donna is in the marriage for him, or for his money.


Jake's laundry list of Donna's offenses.



Family Matters
The couple often battles over the way Donna parents their 7-year-old twin daughters. Jake says she is cold and refuses to show them affection. And, Jake's stepdaughter, Lyndsey, weighs in. Whose side is she on?


"The babies were always left home with the nanny or the maid."

Healing Old Wounds

On the verge of divorce, with 20 years and seven children hanging in the balance, can Dr. Phil help Jake and Donna get their relationship back on track? 


"Playing the victim can become very tiresome."