Discipline is necessary to maintain order in schools, but some teachers are using controversial forms of punishment. Could your children be experiencing extreme discipline by those entrusted to teach them?


Time-Out Room

Eva and Doug's autistic daughter, Isabel, was 8 years old when they say her teachers sent her to a time-out room because her behavior was too her difficult to handle. Cameras captured Isabel's hours spent in isolation. Three experts weigh in on the case.


"She was screaming, and nobody listened."




Martha says her 12-year-old daughter was at school when $42 went missing from a classroom, and in an effort to find the money, a group of girls were strip-searched.


"She'll never be the same."



Berating a Boy?

Five-year-old Gabriel constantly complained that his teacher was mean and yelled at him, so his mom sent him to school with a tape recorder in his pocket.


Find out what the audio recordings revealed.



Extreme Bullying 

After years of being relentlessly bullied by fellow students, Jeremiah brought the torment to a tragic end. His father, Jeff, joins Dr. Phil and Jay McGraw to speak for the first time on national television.


"We have to convince kids to police themselves."

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