What is an obsession? Is it harmless? Or is it interfering with your life? How is it different from a passion, habit or quirk?


Obsession: Conscious preoccupation with ideas that interfere with thought or action.
Quirk: Peculiar habit, mannerism or aspect of character.
Habit: Behavior pattern acquired by frequent repetition.
Passion: Strong desire or devotion to something.


Dr. Phil's guests say they're definitely obsessed! What does Dr. Phil think?


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Mane Mania

Ever since a traumatic haircut when she was 8, Anona has been obsessed with her hair. She hasn't had a haircut in 17 years and says it's the one thing that she can control. When Dr. Phil pulls out some scissors, will Anona be ready for a dramatic change? 


Actress Vivica A. Fox and celebrity stylist Phillip Bloch work their magic! 



Doll Domination

Comedienne and author Stefanie Wilder-Taylor investigates a new doll craze called reborning " crafting infant dolls that are so lifelike, people mistake them for real babies. Some spend thousands of dollars on their dolls, as if they were real children.  


"That's just creepy to me." 



Consumed with a Crooner

Heather wonders if her 7-year-old daughter's love of Elvis is something she should be concerned about. Kailey has been collecting Elvis memorabilia since she was 2 years old!  


Is this normal? 



Glam God

Vivica A. Fox's new show on VH1, Glam God, combines all three of her favorite obsessions: hair, makeup and wardrobe. But Vivica confesses to one more, and spills the beans about something Dr. Phil's wife, Robin, was keeping a secret! 


"Oh, you didn't know? Robin, I'm sorry!" 

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