Does someone in your life make the holidays more of a headache than a festive, joyful time? Dr. Phil speaks with a woman who loves Christmas so much, her family is annoyed. And, meet a self-proclaimed Scrooge!


Grandma Claus

Jennifer says her mother, Judy " otherwise known as Grandma Claus " goes way overboard when it comes to Christmas. She says her mother decorates every square inch of her house with an estimated 1,200 snowmen, 1,000 Santas and angels, and tens of thousands of lights! Judy's Christmas spirit takes up so much space, she can't even eat at her dining room table.


"It's a chance for us to share the Christmas spirit." 



Quantity over Quality?

Jennifer says her mother gives so many gifts to her three daughters that it takes them an overwhelming two hours to open them all " and at least 75 percent of the gifts end up in the trash or donated to charity. Don't miss what makes Grandma Claus's gifts so … special.


"I received my umbilical cord inside a Christmas ornament." 



Silencing Santa?

Every year, Chris puts a 6-foot-tall singing Santa in front of his home in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania. Recently, neighbors have made anonymous complaints to the police about his crooning Kris Kringle. Chris and a gathering of friends and family ask Dr. Phil, "Should we silence Santa?"

"No way!" Dr. Phil says, pointing out that Santa is turned off at 9:00 p.m. "Have fun with it. Everybody, lighten up!"



Self-Proclaimed Scrooge

The polar opposite of Grandma Claus is a woman also named Judy. She admits she's a Scrooge, says she hates Christmas and can't stand Dr. Phil's holiday shows!  


Dr. Phil can't wait to meet her! 



Christmas in Washington

Dr. Phil and Robin host Christmas in Washington from the historic National Building Museum for their fifth consecutive year. Don't miss this star-studded concert when it airs Wednesday, December 17, 2008 at 8:00 p.m. ET/PT on TNT!