Making New Year's resolutions is easy; the hard part is keeping them. Over 90 percent of people give up before ever reaching their goal. Dr. Phil says there's no better time than now to make a change in your life and start creating what you want instead of settling for what you don't. Learn his five powerful secrets to success in making your resolutions a reality. He shares the stories of three couples with three very different problems they are resolving to fix in the New Year.


The Financial Resolution
Allyson, James and their four children are just trying to survive in these hard times. The income from James' barber shop has fallen, they've lost their home to foreclosure, and they scrape by on hand-me-downs and Subway sandwiches.


"I'm not going to pay the Visa and not feed my kids."


Update: Read how this family is doing now.



The Weight Loss Resolution
Twenty-seven-year-old Missy has been making the same resolution ever since she was 13. She's engaged to be married, and she's determined to win her battle with the bulge before she says "I Do" to her fiancé, Justin.


Will she meet her goal in time for her wedding?



The Relationship Resolution
Jill and Matt have two young boys, and after the demands of work and parenting, they have nothing left in the tank for lovemaking. They tried to jump-start things with seven days of sex but ran out of steam after day two!


"If it's a choice between sex or sleeping, sleeping usually wins."



Tips to Achieve Your Financial Goals
The current economic climate has everyone thinking about their financial goals. Jim Cramer, author and host of CNBC's Mad Money offers a solid strategy for achieving financial resolutions in 2009.


Learn what's on Jim's financial Must-Do list for 2009.