On December 5, 2007, Robert Hawkins walked into the Von Maur Mall in Omaha, Nebraska carrying an AK-47 rifle and 30 rounds of ammunition. The troubled 19-year-old gunned down eight people and wounded two others before taking his own life in what's been called the deadliest mall shooting in U.S. history.


A Mother's Worst Nightmare

Robert's mother, Molly, recounts the day of the shooting and says she can't get over the guilt.  Dr. Phil asks the tough questions and takes a brutally candid look into this tragedy.


"Robert was supposed to have been something other than a mass murderer."



A Chaotic Childhood

Molly gives Dr. Phil a glimpse into her son's troubled past. Did the grieving mom miss any warning signs that would have foretold her son's shooting spree?


Learn how Robert gained access to an assault weapon.



Another Side of the Story

Debora, a nurse who says she took Robert in after he fell out with his parents, weighs in. Find out what she says she witnessed just days before the teen's murderous rampage.


"I didn't know he was quite that unstable."



A Survivor Speaks

Jeff and his wife were shopping at Von Maur when Robert Hawkins went on his shooting rampage. Although the husband and father of two says he's thankful to be alive, he says it's difficult to have any sympathy for the shooter or for Molly.

Jeff faces off with Molly for the first time on Dr. Phil's stage. 


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By MK Mueller