It's estimated that as many as 1 million American men have an eating disorder, but because of the perception that it's a female problem, many of them don't seek help. Dr. Phil's two guests courageously speak out about their obsession with diet and exercise.


"I Want to Be Ripped"

Diagnosed with anorexia three years ago, 15-year-old Eric says he'd be happy if he could have zero body fat. What started out as a healthy habit of exercising with his father has turned into an obsession that puts his life at risk. 


"I just see rolls on my stomach, and my face just looks so big." 



The Kitchen is a Battleground

Eric's parents, Ken and Becky, grow frustrated during family mealtimes because Eric has a tantrum if his food is not prepared to his specifications. Dr. Phil has some hard questions for Eric's parents.


Is the tail wagging the dog in this family? 



Missing Their Brother

Although Eric has been banned from exercising, his parents say it's impossible to monitor him at all times. Eric shares how he sneaks in workouts when no one is looking. Plus, Eric's two brothers weigh in about the family turmoil surrounding their sibling.   


"You could tell he was just kind of slowly becoming less Eric." 



Can't Follow His Own Advice

Troy, 22, is a health and physical education teacher who says he can't practice what he preaches. At 5-foot 11-inches and a mere 138 pounds, Troy says exercising and calorie counting has taken over his life, and he doesn't know how to stop.  


"I am scared for my life sometimes."