They bicker, argue and call each other names ... Do any of these couples stand a chance of having a successful marriage? To help them decide whether or not they should take the plunge, Dr. Phil reviews the five key questions every couple should ask before saying "I do."

Michelle and Aaron
They've been together for four years and got engaged eight months ago, but their constant fighting, arguing and name-calling makes them wonder if they're compatible for marriage.


 Dr. Phil has some important questions for this couple.

Jennifer and Rick
They called off their wedding right before the invitations were mailed out. Since then, their relationship has been in limbo. Rick's unresolved issues with his former girlfriend has Jennifer wondering who Rick really wants to marry.


 Is this a dead-end relationship?

Cindy and Eddie
Cindy says her relationship with Eddie is great " as long as they're having sex. When she's not in the mood, Eddie becomes suspicious, accusing her of cheating on him. Cindy admits she's had it with Eddie's third degree.


 You either contribute to a relationship or you contaminate it.