Dr. Phil continues his look at extreme religious groups and how their influence can shatter lives and rip families apart " all in the name of God.


Fearful for Their Family
Michael Travesser, also known as Wayne Bent, leader of the Lord Our Righteousness Church in New Mexico, was accused of sexual misconduct with teenage followers. Lorraine and Bambi are sisters and former members of this group who say they fear for the loved ones they left behind.


Dr. Phil cameras follow the siblings on a rescue mission to New Mexico.



Life on the Outside
Taariq and Nichole were raised in a group called the United Nuwabian Nation of Moors, located on a 400-acre compound outside of Atlanta. The siblings say they were forced to drop out of school and were sexually molested by the group's leader, Dwight York.


"He was only in it for sex and money."