What would you do if your little boy wanted to be a little girl? Dr. Phil continues the heated topic of gender-confused kids. What do you think is the best way to treat a child with gender identity confusion? 


Just a Phase?

Viewers flooded the message board with letters and impassioned opinions after Dr. Phil's first show on gender-confused kids. This hotly contested topic is back on the table. Should parents support a child's decision to live as the opposite sex, or is it the parent's job to guide the child into his or her biological gender? 


The experts weigh in. 



Mourning Her Son

Toni is a mother of three boys. She is grieving the loss of her middle son, who at 11 made a life-changing decision that has turned his family upside down.


"I go over to the cemetery around the corner." 



A Heated Debate

Meet Toni's 13-year-old daughter as she gives a tour of her bedroom. And, emotions run high between Toni and the experts. Plus, two additional medical professionals offer their opinion on what should happen next with Toni's daughter.  


"Just because you're a psychologist does not make you smarter about this than I." 



A Difficult Transition

Dr. Phil and Dr. Siegel discuss Toni's feelings of grief for her son. Can she learn to get emotional closure on her relationship with her little boy and build a new relationship with her daughter?  


A network of support for Toni and her family. 

Extra Content

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