Everyone has moments of anger, but some have tempers that flare up quickly and often. Dr. Phil explores a wide spectrum of anger and offers advice on how to reign it in and overcome it. Learn how to manage the frustrations in your life.


Strong-Arming His Son?

Mimi, says her husband, Ed, a policeman, loses his temper while trying to lay down the law with their 13-year-old son, Jacob, and she's tired of being the referee. Ed says he's frustrated with the teen's attitude. 


Are these parents expecting too much out of the teen, or is he to blame for the confrontations?



Rebellious or Typical Teen?

Dr. Frank Lawlis, Chairman of the Dr. Phil Advisory Board and author of the new book The Stress Answer, meets with Jacob to get his take on the situation at home. And, Dr. Phil offers the parents steps to take to bring peace back to their family.


You'll be surprised to learn what Jacob reveals. 



Uncontrollable Fits of Rage?

Isabella says her rage grows worse with every year, and anyone is subject to her outrageous blowups, including her husband. In-home cameras capture her shocking outbursts, which often play out in front of her 5-year-old son.


Is Isabella ready to get real and end the tirades?


Has Isabella changed?

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