Social networking Web sites like Facebook and MySpace are great for meeting people, but they're also the source of much controversy. Do the dangers of these sites outweigh their benefits? Dr. Phil takes a look at the latest issues to crop up on the digital frontier.


When MySpace is Mom's Space
Ashley, 17, says her mother, Janet, obsessively controls her social networking accounts and also harasses her friends online. Janet says she's witnessed disturbing things on these Web sites, and she's not about to let Ashley get into trouble. In trying to keep her daughter safe, has the concerned mom gone too far, or not far enough?


"I saw girls in their bras, girls in their bikinis, taking showers with each other."



Banned Breasts
Facebook doesn't allow pictures of bare bosoms to grace its pages " but what if the breast that's bared belongs to a breastfeeding mom? When the social networking site banned Kelli's nursing pictures, first she got mad, then she got even.


See the picture that caused a firestorm of controversy.



Friend or Fantasy? 
Kirsty spent 11 months in an intimate Facebook relationship with someone she thought was actor Matthew Perry from the show Friends. When she found out the true identity of her digital paramour, you won't believe what happened next.


"He would tell me that he loved me. I would tell him that I loved him."