Are you a newlywed suffering from honeymoon hangover? It's when the vacation in the Bahamas is over, the dress is put away and couples realize there's an important thing they now have to face: Marriage. Dr. Phil is shocked to find how little couples know about each other before they walk down the aisle.


Too Late for Change?

Although not a newlywed, Jan says she's dealing with an issue that should've been resolved 55 years ago when she first married her husband, Jim.


"That's supposed to be the man's job." 



Looking for Attention

Jeremy and Tamarra have been married for only eight months, and they wonder if their marriage can be saved. Jeremy says his wife is so clingy that he's had to give up everything he enjoys in order to spend time with her. Tamarra says being married means doing everything together, so why wouldn't her husband want to spend every free minute with her? 


No hobbies, no friends, and his curfew is 6:00 p.m. 



Nothing in Common

With only eight months of dating before they married, Jeremy and Tamarra have come to realize that they have nothing in common. Can they salvage their marriage when they feel like strangers? Dr. Phil tells it to them straight.


"I think you are driving him out the door." 



Put to the Test

How much do you really know about your partner? Dr. Phil gives Jeremy and Tamarra a newlywed quiz and a partner awareness test. How did they do? 


"You don't even know his three best friends." 



Bait and Switch?

Mandy says her husband of three years had a 180-degree turn after they got married and changed his mind about an important value they shared: faith in God. Now, Nic says he's an atheist, and Mandy is worried about what this means for their marriage and their family.  


"If they grow up doubting God, I don't know where they're going to end up." 



Curious Couples

Dr. Phil answers important questions that couples have. If you're about to tie the knot, grab a pen and paper and make sure you know these important facts about your upcoming union! 


In-laws, finances, cohabitation and your partner's past.