Stephanie was an aspiring songwriter who loved taking care of kids. Diana was a preschool teacher with a bright future. Neither one of these women knew they could end up addicted to drugs, on the brink of death. They face Dr. Phil to ask for help, but do they really want out of their drug-crazy lifestyles?


Not Yet Ready

Stephanie, 24, was an aspiring songwriter and sought-after nanny before she became addicted to crack and heroin. After an intesive meeting with Dr. Phil, she was sent to La Hacienda, a drug treatment facility in Texas. After months of hard work getting clean, Stephanie checked herself out and went home, where the real world waited for her. 


"It blows my mind that I would do this." 



Taken a Toll

Diana, 27, was a preschool teacher who had everything going for her until a breakup left her heartbroken. She took a job as a dancer and started doing drugs. Diana says cocaine and heroin have ruined her looks and her life. 


Diana meets Dr. Phil. 



Funding Her Habit

Diana explains where she got $200,000 from and where the money is now. Her family pleads with her to go to rehab, but when she hears Dr. Phil's one condition, will she agree? 


Plus, addict lifeline Joani celebrates a milestone. 

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