From sending sexual text messages to taking a punch to the face for fun, today's teens are engaging in outrageous trends. Dr. Phil helps parents decide what behavior is normal and what's out of control.


Extreme Messaging

Reina, 13, made headlines when she racked up 14,528 texts in one month! Her father, Greg, said OMG when he got the bill, but he chalks up his daughter's excessive text messaging to her just being a teenager.

What does Dr. Phil think? His observations may surprise you.



The King of Texting

Dawn fears that her 17-year-old son, Preston, is addicted to sending messages on his cell phone. In just three months, the teen logged a total of 125,723 texts! Preston doesn't see anything wrong with his behavior.


What's behind Preston's addiction?




Gwen and Mike say they're worried about their 12-year-old daughter, who has sent explicit text messages, otherwise known as sexting, since she first owned a mobile phone. When Dr. Phil meets with the preteen backstage, what does she say drives her behavior?


Could the girl be headed down a dangerous path? 



Hit-or-Miss Fad 

Sixteen-year-old J.R. says he allows his friends and family to sock him in the head for fun. His mother, Tammy, finds this punch-out game hilarious, and she supports J.R.'s dream of training for the reality show The Ultimate Fighter. Dr. Travis Stork, host of the hit show The Doctors, warns about the dangers of this hobby.


Meet a teen who played the punch-out game with tragic consequences.

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