Pedophiles once lurked in parks and around schoolyards, and then they prowled the playground of the World Wide Web. Now these predators have a more sinister method at their fingertips " sending explicit text messages directly to your child's cell phone. Dr. Phil examines the latest technological threats to your kids and shows you how to protect them.


Preying on the Predators

Colorado detective Mike Harris works overtime tracking online pedophiles. He says one piece of equipment gives him a high success rate.


Find out what this device is, and how you can use it to monitor your children. 


Caught on Tape?

Go behind the scenes as Mike's unit prepares to take down a 28-year-old man allegedly texting sexually explicit material to a girl he thinks is 15 or younger.


Dr. Phil cameras capture the dramatic arrest.


Flirting with Danger?

Sixteen-year-old Zoe admits that she exchanges risqué photos with men on the Internet but says this is normal teen behavior. Her mother, Sharon, says Zoe invited a man into her home whom she met online, and she worries for Zoe's safety.


Dr. Phil has a stern message for the teen.


A Terrifying Ordeal

Kyra was 12 when she was sexually assaulted by a 22-year-old man she met in a chat room. She bravely shares her story in hopes that it will help prevent another child from being hurt. 


Will her story be a wake-up call to Zoe?

Extra Content

  • Mike Harris, Supervisor of the Child Sex Offender Investigations Unit in Colorado 
  • Bob Lotter, CEO of eAgency and creator of RADAR, My Mobile Watchdog
  • Pam Russell, Public Information Officer for the Jefferson County District Attorney

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