With one day left until Valentine's Day, Dr. Phil tackles a few of his viewers' romance dilemmas. If you can't cook, don't know how to dress sexily, never buy the right gift for your mate, or have problems getting your groove on in the love department, Dr. Phil has solutions, including the ultimate aphrodisiac! Plus, learn what men really want for Valentine's Day, watch as a girlfriend gets the surprise of her life and find out the best new gift ideas for that special someone!



Striving for More Sex

Two months after getting married, Caitlin and Joe learned they were having triplets. Caitlin says most days she's covered in spit-up and baby food and doesn't feel attractive. Joe says when he goes in for a kiss, all he gets is the forehead, and he's looking for more action in the bedroom.


Can Dr. Phil help this couple reignite their intimacy?



Too Old to Kiss?

Lori and Chuck say their 10-year-old son hates when they're affectionate in front of him. In fact, if he catches them canoodling, he tells them they're acting gross. How can these parents create private time with each other?


 Dr. Phil's tips for making alone time with your spouse.



Surprise Proposal

Maegan says after two years of reminding, repeating and correcting her "space cadet" boyfriend, Mike, she's over his forgetfulness. But are they really on the show to talk about him, or did Mike trick Maegan? 

A life-changing surprise for Maegan.


Dr. Phil checks back in. See Mike and Maegan now!



Culinarily Challenged

Lili never learned to cook and when she attempts to make a meal, she starts fires and sickens her husband, Nick. Lili wants to treat Nick to a romantic dinner but doesn't know how. 

Watch as Iron Chef Cat Cora surprises Lili with a cooking lessons.


Make the chocolate-filled recipes for your Valentine!


Transform Your Looks

Candy is a firefighter who wants to look smokin' hot for Valentine's Day. She's ready to ditch her tomboy duds and dress sexily for her boyfriend, but needs help picking out a new look. 


Robin McGraw comes to the rescue and gives Candy a makeover.




Gifts Galore!
What's the worst Valentine's present you've ever received? Find out which viewer's present wins top honors for the most unromantic gift. And, do you still need something special for your mate? See the fabulous finds Dr. Phil and Robin share.  


The best new gift ideas for your Valentine.

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