The tables are turned as viewers challenge Dr. Phil!

Fat and Happy
Stacia thinks that the advice Dr. Phil gives to the overweight is "ridiculous." Dr. Phil wonders if she has been watching his show with the volume turned on.


"Spanking Is Not Abuse"
In "Discipline Debate," Dr. Phil expressed his opinion that spanking is not OK. Bob and Mimi say they completely disagree and think that spanking is a useful tool.



"Stop Bashing Women!"
Kellie, who is single, says that Dr. Phil's advice in "Project Single Girls" was "nonsense." But she can't explain how she missed him explain the reasoning behind doing a Relationship Autopsy.



Share the Wealth
When Dr. Phil told his guests in "Suddenly Rich" that you don't solve money problems with money, Lisa thought the advice was "wrong" and encouraged people to be greedy.


See all of these guests debate Dr. Phil!

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