During tough financial times, families face some of the biggest pressures. When parents are on edge and fighting with each other, children are often a casualty of their hostility.

House of Chaos
Melissa and Robert say their four-year marriage and blended family is on the rocks because they argue all the time about how to parent and discipline their three teenage sons. Melissa says the greatest cause for concern is that a big marijuana problem has cropped up in their house.

"I won't ever stop smoking weed."


A Marriage or a Battleground?
Melissa got so fed up with all the pot smoking that she joked about wanting to try marijuana too, so that's exactly what she and Robert did. But was that the only time for both of them? And are these troubled parents headed for divorce?  


Is one of these parents smoking pot on a regular basis?


Boys on the Verge


Robert's sons, Ben and Jacob, join the conversation. Can Dr. Phil get through to the troubled teens before this family self-destructs?


"How much do you smoke? Do you do it every day?"