The discussion continues regarding Nadya Suleman, a single mother of six children, who recently gave birth to a set of octuplets. How will she care for 14 babies? Are the newborns at risk? Will this mother be able to provide stability, or are the 14 children destined for a life of neglect and poverty? Dr. Phil and his panel of experts continue to debate this controversial story as even more shocking twists come to light.


Did the system fail Nadya? Did Nadya's doctor behave irresponsibly by implanting that many embryos, knowing of her previous six children? Bioethicist from the University of Kentucky Dr. Sara Rosenthal and director of the fertility program at the University of Southern California Dr. Richard Paulson weigh in. Plus, the senior executive editor of uncovers information about Nadya's doctor.

And, some have noted the striking similarity between Nadya and mega mom Angelina Jolie. Is this a result of plastic surgery? Could this unwed mother be trying to emulate the looks and family life of the Oscar-winning star? Plastic surgeon and co-host of The Doctors Dr. Andrew Ordon gives his expert opinion.

Most importantly, will the children come home to a safe environment? Civil rights attorney Wallace Pate and President of the family service organization Paras Los Ninos Gisselle Acevedo express their concerns.

What do you think of Nadya and her story? 

Dr. Phil's Final Thought:
"Has she made some bad decisions? In my opinion, yes. I haven't diagnosed her. It would be improper for me to assign a diagnosis without going through the proper procedure, but based on what I've seen, in my opinion, she is not able to make decisions where she predicts the consequences of her actions well. So, do you judge people like that, or do you try to help people like that? I think the feeding frenzy needs to stop because if you're going to run over this mother, you're going to run over 14 innocent children with her, and I don't think that's what we want to do."

Extra Content

  • Joann Killeen
    Spokesperson for Nadya Suleman
  • Dr. Sara Rosenthal
    Bioethicist, University of Kentucky
  • Dr. Richard Paulson
    Fertility specialist, USC
  • Dr. Jim Sears
    Pediatrician and co-host of The Doctors
  • Dr. Andrew Ordon
    Plastic surgeon and co-host of The Doctors
  • Chris Myers
    Senior executive editor of