What happens when an unhealthy teen relationship threatens to tear a mother and daughter apart? Giesel says her 18-year-old daughter, Devynn, is obsessed with her boyfriend and is damaging a once promising future. Watch the drama unfold as a pregnancy scare rocks this teen's life.


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A Teen in Turmoil 

Giesel and Steve say their 18-year-old daughter, Devynn, has an unhealthy relationship with her boyfriend, and their tumultuous union has caused a rift in their family. The teen admits that she and her boyfriend argue a lot, and she recently dropped a bombshell on her parents: she's pregnant and wants to keep the baby.


"Devynn chose her boyfriend over her mom and dad."



Tragedy Strikes

Just days ago, Devynn learned some devastating news and says her world was shattered. What does the future hold for this teen if she follows through with her desire to marry the man of her dreams against her folks' wishes?


Will Giesel and Steve be able to broker a peace with their child?



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