"Outrageous, irresponsible and completely out of touch with reality" are just a few comments being made about Nadya Suleman, the single mother of six who recently gave birth to octuplets in California. Now, in a daytime exclusive interview, Dr. Phil addresses the questions the public wants answered: How did she end up with 14 babies? How will she care for all of them? Will there be more children? 



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Dr. Phil's Final Thoughts

Dr. Phil tells his viewers, "I just want to give you some impressions of the time I've spent with Nadya up to this point in the interview. I have to tell you, I find this woman to be very likeable. This is not an evil woman. She doesn't know what she doesn't know. She took a chance, which I think she did in concert with her doctor, and I think you've got to look really hard at the decision-making of that professional to do that implantation. It is such a one-in-a-million shot that you would have octuplets from that kind of in-vitro fertilization, even with six embryos. I don't think that was her intention. I think her intention was to have a seventh, or a seventh and an eighth baby, because that had been her history so far. In my opinion, that is irresponsible. That is selfish. Even if you knew you weren't going to have eight, you were going to have just one or two more. I still think that is a wrong decision to make, and I've been really clear with her about that. In my opinion, what's going to happen now is she is going to go through a huge rollercoaster of emotion and physiology. All of you women know how long it takes to really get your body back after a pregnancy, and by body, I mean your physiology, your energy, your stamina, your ability to get up, and go and do. Can you imagine after carrying eight children and having that? Will the children suffer from this? They certainly will if something isn't done to help. Again, if you're frustrated with her behavior, I totally get that. I am as well, but we can't turn our back on innocent children here." 


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