Mysterious phone calls ... late nights at the office ... the smell of another woman's perfume ... Like it or not, men cheat, and studies show that they do it more than women. Dr. Phil digs deeper to find out why they do it.


Daniel says he cheated on his wife because he wasn't getting enough attention and sex at home. "I promised my wife a month ago that I would be completely faithful to her, but I need help to learn how to keep that promise," he says.



John's infidelity cost him his marriage and recent engagement. "It's really just destroyed my life," he says, asking for help ending the behavior that he describes as an addiction.





Erin recently found out that her husband cheated on her while she was pregnant with their third child. "I have forgiven his mistake," she says. "My problem is that I am still haunted by it ... For us to get past this, I need to know why he did it."



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